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20 October 2017 by Sherlock Sisson

The motive of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Craig Paddock is that of a professional hired killer. Making a living for decades as a hit man while using cover as a real estate investor and gambler he lived the good life founded in evil. No doubt he used his earlier career skills as an accountant and knowledge acquired at the Internal Revenue Service coupled with his so-called "responsible gambling" to launder cash he earned committing professional murder.

It would take an amoral high functioning sociopath driven only by ego, greed, and the willingness to change his identity to pull off this crime of the century. His escape foiled only by the door alarm of the empty adjacent suite being triggered by the acoustical vibrations of his activities. Suicide was always an option for Paddock -- surrender never was.

Who hired him to do the big job -- the biggest job of his career? Perhaps planned as his last job for a huge retirement sum. Perhaps a sum negotiated over the dark web and paid in one of the crypto currencies such as bitcoin or gold then hidden in an account, which only he knew and could access.

Again, who hired him? The usual culprits come to mind -- ISIS, Al-Qaeda, a rogue enemy dictator, Iran, or an extremely wealthy citizen of the world type monster. How much did Paddock earn for the biggest hit of all times? Tens of millions of dollars is not inconceivable. The venue was not of his choosing, but of his client who may have orchestrated a frame up to cast blame on an innocent side to foment civil unrest in the country if not for Paddock’s failure.

This crime will be uncovered by the accountants not the flat foots alone. Adding up his investment and gambling gains and losses over many decades will likely prove his current wealth came from a career as a hit man. The girlfriend is nothing more than a convenient pawn and knows nothing about the real killer.

All the clues confirm this and nothing else fits. After removing the impossible, only this remains, however improbable, it must be the truth.



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